Schuller kitchens C-collection, now bringing textured fronts back into stylish kitchen designs. The award-winning German kitchen brand have launched the C-collection as an impressive range featuring a multitude of textured fronts. Implementing materials such as wood, stone, and concrete is all about textured style in C-collection from Schuller. With advanced engineering at hand, Schuller have managed to introduce fronts that pose an uncanny resemblance to their genuine alternative, yet largely outperform their natural partners in functionality. With textured fronts set to be a recent top kitchens trend. The Schuller C-collection is ideal for all those homeowners wanting to create a multi-dimensional and unique kitchens. Find out more about the manufacturer of C-collection kitchens and visit our showroom.

c-collection-Riva | c-collection-Bella Curry Satin-5 | c-collection-Bella Curry Satin-4 | c-collection-Elba Concrete Dark Grey-6 | c-collection-Finca-3 | c-collection-Siena Agate Grey-2 | c-collection-Cremona Old oak barrique-3 | c-collection-Canto-2 | c-collection-Elba Concrete Quartz-2 | c-collection-Fino Crystal white high gloss-3 | c-collection-Elba Concrete Dark Grey-3 | c-collection-Uni Matt Stone Grey-4 | c-collection-Cambia | c-collection-Rocca Natural Knotty Oak-2 | c-collection-Rocca Natural Knotty Oak-3 | c-collection-Casa Agate grey silk gloss-2 | c-collection-Biella Pastel Róse-3 | c-collection-Lima-4 | c-collection-Vienna Lava Black-2 | c-collection-Elba Concrete Quartz-3 | c-collection-Cremona Old oak barrique-2 | c-collection-Uni Matt Stone Grey | c-collection-Fino Crystal white high gloss-2 | c-collection-Glassline Lava black-2 | c-collection-Casa Agate grey silk gloss-3 | c-collection-Elba Concrete Dark Grey-2 | c-collection-Siena Aqua Blue-4 | c-collection-Vienna Lava Black-3 | c-collection-Gala Crystal white high gloss-2 | c-collection-Bella Curry Satin-2 | c-collection-Finca-4 | c-collection-Bella Curry Satin-3 | c-collection-Alea-2 | c-collection-Nova-3 | c-collection-Siena Sand grey-2 | c-collection-Biella Pastel Róse-4 | c-collection-Bella Curry Satin | c-collection-Targa Steel Bronze-2 | c-collection-Rocca Light Knotty Oak | c-collection-Targa Steel Bronze-3 | c-collection-Biella Pastel Róse-2 | c-collection-Riva-2 | c-collection-Elba Concrete Dark Grey-5 | c-collection-Lima-3 | c-collection-Riva-3 | c-collection-Uni Matt Stone Grey-3 | c-collection-Vienna Lava Black-5 | c-collection-Lima-6 | c-collection-Biella Moss green satin-2 | c-collection-Lima-2 | c-collection-Glassline Lava black-3 | c-collection-Cremona Old oak barrique-4 | c-collection-Elba Concrete Quartz-4 | c-collection-Canto-4 | c-collection-Lima-5 | c-collection-Canto-5 | c-collection-Canto-6 | c-collection-Uni Gloss-2 | c-collection-Targa Steel Bronze-4 | c-collection-Elba Concrete Dark Grey-4 | c-collection-Fino Crystal white high gloss-4 | c-collection-Vienna Lava Black-4 | c-collection-Siena Aqua Blue-5 | c-collection-Siena Aqua Blue-2 | c-collection-Casa Agate grey silk gloss | c-collection-Bari Castell beech effect-2 | c-collection-Cremona Old oak barrique | c-collection-Biella Moss green satin | c-collection-Glassline Lava black | c-collection-Gala Crystal white high gloss | c-collection-Elba Concrete Dark Grey | c-collection-Uni Matt Crystal Grey | c-collection-Canto | c-collection-Rocca Light Knotty Oak-2 | c-collection-Vienna Lava Black | c-collection-Targa Steel Dark | c-collection-Casa Sand Grey | c-collection-Siena Agate Grey | c-collection-Biella Pastel Róse | c-collection-Siena Sand grey | c-collection-Rocca Natural Knotty Oak | c-collection-Finca | c-collection-Gala Crystal grey | c-collection-Bari Castell beech effect | c-collection-Uni Gloss-3 | c-collection-Alea | c-collection-Nova-2 | c-collection-Nova Agate Grey | c-collection-Biella Pastel green satin | c-collection-Finca-2 | c-collection-Siena Aqua Blue-3 | c-collection-Uni Matt Stone Grey-2 | c-collection-Targa Steel Bronze | c-collection-Lima | c-collection-Canto-7 | c-collection-Uni Gloss | c-collection-Canto-3 | c-collection-Rocca Natural Knotty Oak-4 | c-collection-Fino Crystal white high gloss | c-collection-Targa Steel Dark-2 | c-collection-Elba Concrete Quartz | c-collection-Riva